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Exhaust valve sealing suitable for Zehnder STK 100 and STK 125 airvalves
The sealing rings have an outer diameter of Ø 142mm and an inner diameter of Ø 80mm

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  • Universal Foam Valve Sealing Rings. Sealing rings for air valves.
  • Suitable for e.g. Zehnder STK 100/125
  • Outer diameter of Ø 142mm
  • Inner diameter of Ø 80mm

The Ventilation valve is fixed with spring clamps and a foam rubber ring is used for sealing.  After several years of intensive use of the valve, the foam rubber ring will have to be replaced due to wear and drying out. Check whether this is the case with yours and replace the foam rubber rings on time.

Inner diameter Ø 80 mm
Outer diameter Ø 140mm.