Order MVHR / HRV filters online

fairair is a webshop where you can order easy, fast and cheap HRV filters online. The new ordering process fairair is made even easier. The following describes how you can buy your HRV filters online with fairair. 

You can find your brand and model MVHR / HRV filter in various ways at fairair.eu.

  • In the left menu choose your brand heat recovery unit and click on the name. You will be redirected to the page with all heat recovery filters of that brand. Select a type.
  • If you do not know the brand of your heat recovery unit, nor the type of filter you can also enter the format of your current filter type in the search bar. Type the following in: 200x600 (LxW and in mm).
  • Go to ALL CATEGORIES in the top menu and click HRV FILTERS. Then choose the brand HRV unit and you will arrive at the products page of that brand.
  • If you know all your filter data (type HRV filter and brand) you can also type that in the search field. Your product will be displayed and you can proceed with ordering.
  • If you have already purchased from us before you can also log into your account and make a repeat purchase.

Order your HRV filters securely online with fairair.

You pay on www.fairair.eu within a SSL (256 bit) encrypted environment. The secure connection can be identified by the "https://" in the url bar. Some browsers do not display https:// (via mobile devices), but then you can recognize the secure connection from the lock in the browser. You will also see that you're directed to another web environment during the checkout process, namely https://fairair.webshopapp.com. That is the secure environment.

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