MHRV Filters by fairair

fairair is the company behind the f'air Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) filters. The brand stands for lasting quality and are f'air HRV filters produced by our ISO certified factory. In addition, with fairair you have opportunity to impregnate your filter in advance with probiotics thus creating the right combination for a healthy indoor climate.

A-Class filters

f'air filters is a premium brand HRV and MVHR filter. This means that the filters are produced by our ISO certified factory and the filters are tested according to the EN779 standards by independent institutes.

Standard G4 filter quality for a G3 Price

G3 is the standard filter quality recommended by the renowned manufacturers of ventilation systems. That is the standard quality supplied by our competitors. The standard f'air HRV and MVHR filters are of G4 quality and capture more dirt and dust than the G3 filters of our competitors. On our site you can read how filter classes and standards work. fairair is also one of the cheapest providers of HRV filters.

Woolly HRV filters

There are manufacturers and competitors of fairair who are using a 'woolly' HRV filter. Tests have shown that these fibers let loose, and can enter in the system and indoor air but it can also end up in the outside environment. These fibers are not biodegradable and thus become a hazzard. f'air HRV filters do NOT use woolly materials, but a solid material so fibers can not come into your home freely.

Double layer filters

Unlike our competitors fairair never delivers double sided filters. This double layer only costs more energy power and does not work better than a single layer. That's because a HRV filter works well when it has the correct density, not the number of layers for a filter.

Envelope HRV filters

Also fairair does not deliver HRV filters as an 'envelope type'. It may be that our competitors will tell you that it is cheaper to send (i.e. they do not have to send you the wire frame), but an envelope type HRV filter replacement is harmful to your health. In a dirty HRV filter all kinds of bacteria and other matter exist that you do not want to inhale. Please throuw your old and dirty filter in the trash.

Probiotics and filters

At the end of 2013 we were the first supplier and manufacturer of HRV filters to introduce f'air probiotics. Probiotics is a revolutionary alternative to conventional disinfectants. It is a composite biologic product that provides good protection for your heat recovery ventilation system and is good for your climate. f'air is the only company that has introduced a probiotic cleaning product where the bacteria remain stable in the package. That simply means that it is much more sustainable and lasts longer.

Additionally, you can choose to impregnate your HRV filter in advance with f'air probiotics. Of course you can also buy a bottle of Probiotics Filter Spray to regularly spray your filters.

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