Payment Methods

On you can purchase your products with almost all payment methods. Via PayPal, Mastercard and Visa, SofortBanking, Mister Cash / Bank Contact, via debit and through a transfer. fairair collaborates with payment service provider Sisow. Sisow has a license from the Dutch Central Bank. They provide a reliable secure payment environment using SSL. All payment methods we offer are handled by a secure environment.


iDeal works through the familiar environment of Internet banking and is used in particular in the Netherlands. You select the payment of the purchase, your bank and make the payment through internet banking.

Sofort Banking

The fastest growing method of payment is clearly SofortBanking (formerly Direct Banking), and, just like PayPal. With the big advantage that it is not specific for a country but European. Therefore it goes through a rapid growth. Around 45 million users in Germany, Austria, Switserland and Belgium who can easily make online payments through their own bank.


With PayPal, you can easily do global payments in two different ways. You can pay with credit card or you can pay through you PayPal account. 


On you can pay securely with your Mastercard. These payments are made through PayPal.


fairair also handles all your payments with your Visa card. These payments will go though the PayPal network and are handled securely. 

Mister Cash

Mister Cash is a collaboration of a number of Belgian banks and can be compared with iDEAL in the Netherlands. Mister Cash is the name of the payment system that is found on only Belgian bank cards. 

One-time Direct Debit

At the checkout / checkout your shopping cart you can also opt for one-off direct debit. Once the collection is done, we will ship the order. If you have opted for a subscription we will do this periodically. But only with your permission. You can always reverse collection within 3 months. Additionally, you never sit down to our subscriptions and therefore does not meet the debits. You can easily stop us with a phone call or email. No problem. Guaranteed!