Replace the filters in your HRV system at least twice a year (depending on your health and external environment).

For your health and also for the durability of your system it is important to replace the filters at least twice a year. For newly built homes we recommend that you replace the filters every 2 months for the first 6 months (because of the amount of building material still present in your home). A dirty, saturated filter is not only bad for your health but also for your heat recovery system as it will have to work harder to manage the required airflow.

The location of your home also plays a role in how frequently the filters will need to be changed. If you live in a city, the air will contain more pollution than if you live in the country side. Check your filters every two months to see how dirty they are. Keep your indoor climate clean. A clean heat recovery system offers optimal comfort, a healthy indoor climate and lower power consumption.


In summary, regularly replacing the filters of your ventilation system is important for:  

  • Minimizing the amount of dust, fungi and bacteria in your home
  • Maintaining the highest possible return on your heat recovery system (MVHR)
  • Noise reduction
  • Functionality of the air ducts (if filters become blocked with dirt the dirt will eventually collect in the air ducts)

Bacteria and Fungi

Health problems arise because bacteria and fungi grow in the filters and ducts. To avoid risks to health and unnecessary wear of the system regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary. It is always advisable to regularly disinfect the system with the correct products. Basic maintenance can be carried out independently and cleaning with f’air probiotics is highly recommended.

We recommended you have your system including the air ducts professionally cleaned and checked every 3 to 4 years.


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