Replacing MVHR / HRV filters 

The video below shows how to replace filters on a Zehnder unit. Other types of MHRV units and their specific filters are explained.   

Replacing ComfoAir 350/450/550 filters and Replacing ComfoD 350/450/550 filters

Cleaning the heat exchanger of your Heat Recovery Ventilation system (MVHR)

Rinse the heat exchanger as shown in the video. When done spray the heat exchanger with f’air Probiotic foam cleaner.Leave for a few minutes. Rinse the exchanger and dry it. When dried treat it with f’air Probiotic Protect Gel for a long lasting after effect.
For a thorough probiotic treatment we recommend the f’air 
probiotic cleaning kit

Replacing filter of the ComfoFond-L (Eco)

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