MVHR maintanance

Stale air, foul smells and condensation all occur without proper ventilation creating an ideal environment for bacteria, dust mites and fungi. Invisible to the naked eye, these bacteria are often the cause of ailments such as asthma, allergies and infected airways. 

Probiotic Maintenance 

Self Maintenance

You can carry out basic maintenance to you your MVHR system yourself. 
HRV filters can be removed and replaced easily and the heat exchanger can be cleaned regularly with f’air probiotic Basic maintenance helps keep your system in good working order and can prevent more expensive maintenance work. 

  • Unplug your heat recovery unit from the electricity
  • Remove the filters from your heat recovery system
  • Unscrew the cover/front of your system.
  • Carefully remove the heat exchanger or enthalpy exchanger from your system
  • Rinse the dirt off the exchanger. You can do this using a bath or a shower
  • Spray the exchanger with f'air probiotics foam cleaner and leave it to soak for a few minutes
  • Rinse the heat exchanger (or enthalpy exchanger) with warm water in the bath or shower
  • Allow the heat exchanger to dry
  • Check inside your system if you see any debris. You can check the channel inputs and outputs and use a vacuum to clean them out
  • Slide the heat exchanger/empathy changer carefully back into the system.
  • Screw the cover plates back on
  • Spray the filters with f'air filter spray and place the filters in the system.
  • Insert the plug into the socket to boot your MVHR system

probiotic cleaned MVHR unit
MVHR unit contaminated with bacteria and fungi.  Cleaned with f'air probiotcs

Instruction video on how to remove and clean the heat recovery exchanger

Below is a tutorial that explains and demonstrates how to clean the heat or enthalpy exchanger.

Major maintenance heat recovery units

Health problems can arise when fungi and bacteria nestle in the filters and ducts of poorly maintained ventilation systems. After some time, the filters get saturated and they lose their cleaning performance. Therefore, make sure that you replace your filters regularly. Get a professional installer to clean and check your MHRV thoroughly every 3 to 4 years.


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