Swentibold Filter Subscription

with a filter subscription for your MVHR Swentibold unit We'll send you your filters periodically. When you receive them it is a signal for you check and replace your Swentibold HRV filters.

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Article number: 5035-SWTW4470 - 6448-SEA4470
SKU: WTW-SW2-400200

Filter specifications:

  • Including VAT
  • replace your filters 2 x a year. Depending on your living situation and health .
  • You can easily replace the Swentibold filters yourself
  • You can cancel a Swentibold Euroair filter subscription at any time. Without any problem.
  • You are always assured of a competitive price.

HRV Filter replacement and small maintenance

The HRV filters for the Swentibold can easily be replaced by yourself. Check the manual to see how you can replace the HRV filters. Postpone major maintenance on your HRV system by performing small maintenance yourself by cleaning your system with probiotics. Read all about probiotic cleaning and why it is revolutionary.

G4 quality for a G3 price

f'air G3 filters capture up to 92% of dust and dirt. According to the EN779 G3 filters should capture between 80 and 90%. This means f'air G3 filters have a higher efficiency  than EU standard prescribes. You are assured of high quality filters for a competitive price. Read all about filter classes and standards. 

Manual Swentibold EuroAir systems

Have you lost the Swentibold Euroair User manual? You can here download the manual for your MVHR unit.