f'air Probiotics Filter Spray

f'air probiotics filter spray ensures a stable, healthy and microbiological environment in your heat recovery system and Heat Revovery filters. It reduces the risk of harmful bacteria and fungi drastically in your indoor climate.

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Article number: FPBXLFS0001

The advantages.

For a significantly healthier indoor climate and a more healthy bacteria-free airflow. It is 100% organic and environmentally safe. Harmless for humans and animals. Revolutionary cleaning based on probiotics. It is for perfect protection in-between. HVAC systems and filters have the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to settle into. And you don't want them in  your indoor climate. Therefore replacing your filters regularly is advised. for in-between cleaning, you can easily spray the filters and the heat exchanger yourself. Probiotic cleaning it is more effective than conventional cleaning. It is not aggressive, not corrosive. It does not cover up dirty and musty odors (created by fungi and bacteria) but it neutralizes them. Suitable for any model of ventilation and air conditioning. (HVAC systems) The f’air probiotics filter spray is suitable for use in all locations where bacteria and fungi are active.


How to

Replace your Heat Recovery Filters 2x per year, depending on your living situation, and spray the HRV filters with the f'air Probiotics Filter Spray. It is recommended that you spray your filters in between occasionally as well. You can also use the Filter Spray on the heat exchanger for maintenance in between . Normally removing the front cover of your system is enough to get to the heat recovery exchanger. It is best to clean it in a bath tub or in the shower. There you can rinse the heat exchanger easily with warm water after you sprayed the heat exchanger. In our video you can see how to replace the filters and treat them with probiotics. And how you can clean your system in between. To clean your exchanger we recommend the  Probiotica Foam Cleaner when your system is lightly soiled. If the unit is heavily polluted we recomend the Probiotic Power Cleaner.

More detailed information about probitics can be found on our About Probiotics page. It will give you more insight in What probitics are, what they do and why it is revolutionary.