f'air Probiotics Foam Cleaner

The f'air Foam Cleaner cleans contaminated heat recovery systems and air conditioning systems (HVAC). It Provides a stable, healthy and microbiological environment and postpones extensive maintenance of your unit. it can easily done by yourself.

€13,95 Incl. tax
Article number: FPBXLFC0001

f'air probiotics foam cleaner is a concentrated foam cleaner and degreaser for the more heaviliy soiled systems. 

  • for the removal of the more heavily soiling.
  • more effective than conventional cleaners
  • removes dust, mold and dirt deep into your system
  • non-aggressive, non-corrosive.
  • 100% safe for humans and animals.
  • neutralises bad musty odors caused by fungi and bacteria
  • for long-term protection
  • for a much healthier indoor climate
  • 100% Biologisch and therefore environmentally friendly
  • for each model (HRV) ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

The advantages at a glance

For a significantly healthier indoor environment , for a healthier, bacteria-free air flow, 100% organic and environmentally responsible. Revolutionary cleaning based on probiotics. For perfect protection between. You can easily take yout your heat exchanger (empalthy exchanger) Spray it with the cleaner and rinse it off in the bath tub or shower.  it is more  effective than conventional cleaning products, is not aggressive, and non-corrosive . Neutralises dirty and musty odors caused by fungi and bacteria. For long-term protection and persistence, and is suitable for any model ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). The f'air probiotics foam cleaner is suitable for use in all locations where bacteria and fungi are active.


The f'air Foam Cleaner cleans the standard soiled installations. The Power Cleaner for the more heavilly soiled systems. Normally removing the front cover of your system would be enough to reach the air ducts, heat exchanger or enthalpy exchanger. If you have removed the front cover the heat exchanger or enthalpy exhcanger can be removed easily. It is best to clean it in the bath or in the shower it. There you can easily rinse with warm water. Click here for more information about maintenance. After rinsing and drying, spray your system lightly with the Probitica protect gel for a long lasting effect.

The f'air Probiotics line can also be used as a cleaning agent for the home. Think of toilets, bathrooms, door handles, telephones, rugs, mattresses, pillows .....

In our list of videos you can see how how to replace filters and how you can spray them with probiotics. And how you can perform in-between maintenance.

Revolutionary maintenance based on probiotics

Safe and responsible cleaning and maintaining for your (* HVAC) system is important for your system and for an optimum healthy indoor climate. You can do this maintenance in a safe way. Without any danger. Our product cleans and neutralizes all bad musty odor (not masking as the standard cleaners do) and thereby effectively reduces harmful fungi and allergens. The products contain a unique blend of probiotics. it works therefore better than the conventional chemical products and biological detergents. It contains a concentrate of beneficial bacteria that have a cleansing effect and significantly reduces the risk of germs in the system. And not only a more effective cleaning and disinfection but also for a healthier indoor environment.