A set f'air HRV filters for Systemair PF SAVE VSR 300 includes 2 filters .The HRV filter sets are high quality and according to the European standards EN779 produced. Part numbers 208103, 208104 and 208105

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Article number: 208232
SKU: WTW-SY4-202x386x295

Filter specifications:

  • Including VAT
  • Systemair part number G3 filters 208105
  • Systemair part number F7 filters 208104
  • size G3 filter 202 x 386 x 295 mm (L x W)
  • size F7 filter 265 x 386 x 321 mm (L x W)
  • Filter Class G3 = EN779:2012 | Iso coarse >80% - ISO 16890
  • Filter Class F7 = EN779:2012 | ePM10>60% - ISO 16890

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Replacing Systemair SAVE VSR 300 filters and small maintenaince

The replacement filters for the Systemair SAVE BF VSR 300 Ventilation unit can easily be replaced by yourself. Check the manual to see how you can replace the Systemair VSR 300 filters. Postpone major maintenance on your HRV system by performing small maintenance yourself by cleaning your system with probiotics. Read all about probiotic cleaning and why it is revolutionary.

User manual Systemair SAVE BF VSR 300 series

Did you lose the Systemair SAVE VSR 300 user manual or you can't find. You can download it on our user guide page.

Reminder service

Every 6 months we will send you an email to remind you that your filters need to be checked and replaced. This email will also have all your details of your last order. With just one click you can re-order your Systemair SAVE VSR 300 filters

Filter Subscription

Maybe a filter subscribtion might be something for you. We will send you a new set of Systemair SAVE VSR 300 filters as often as you want to. When you receive them it is time to check and replace the dirty filters. Now you are sure that your filters are replaced on time and that you'll have a healthy indoor climate.

SYSTEMAIR SAVE BF VSR 300 filter sets