TITON | HRV Q PLUS 1.6 & 1.65

A set f'air HRV replacement filters for TITON HRV Q PLUS 1.6 & 1.65 exists of two filters The HRV filter sets are high quality (EN779.)

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Article number: XP2010671
SKU: WTW-TIT4-196340

2 Pack replacement filters for:

  • Titon HRV Q Plus 1.6 MVHR system 
  • Titon HRV Q Plus 1.65 MVHR system

Filter specifications:

  • Including VAT
  • TITON part number XP2010671
  • 1 set includes 2 pieces of wireframe filters G4 or M5 (EN779)
  • Format Filters approx 196 x 340 mm mm (L x W)

Extra benefits

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  • Free shipping for orders over € 125,-

Replacing TITON filters and simple maintenance

The HRV filters for the TITON HRV Q PLUS 1.6 & 1.65 MVHR units are easy to replace. Please refer to the user manual for easy steps on how to do this. Prevent expensive and complicated maintenance by cleaning your filters and TITON HRV unit with fáir Probiotics. For more information on this revolutionary cleaning process click here.

User manual TITON HRV Q 1.6 & 1.65

The TITON HRV Q 1.6 & 1.65 user manual can be downloaded on our user guide page.

Reminder service

Every 6 months we will send you a reminder to check and/or replace your HRV filters. The reminder will also contain details of your last purchase with us and with just one click you can re-order your TITON filters.

Filter Subscription

With a Filter Subscription for your TITON HRV Q PLUS 1.6 & 1.65 we will automatically send you new filters at agreed intervals (3,4 or 6 months). This way you can be assured of a continuous healthy indoor climate.