Disinfection with probiotics is a totally new alternative to conventional disinfectants. F’air Probiotics is a composite biological product that contains detergents, enzymes and probiotics. The detergents will clean the surface removing the dirt and bacteria,
the enzymes will take care of deep cleaning as they affect the biofilm and the probiotics ensure that bad bacteria stays away.

MVHR unit cleaned with fair probiotics
 contaminated MVHR unit with bacteria and fungi. Cleaned with f'air probiotics.

Conventional cleaning vs. cleaning with Probiotics

Unlike conventional cleaning products probiotic cleaning products penetrate the biofilm (a group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other on a surface) using harmless helpful microorganisms.

These harmless microorganisms (probiotics) fight the colonization of bad bacteria (including pathogens) on a surface creating a stable and healthy microbial environment. Probiotic cleaning products are 100% environmentally friendly, easy to apply and resistance free.

Why cleanse with probiotics?

  • Immediate clean result (not only visually)
  • Long lasting effect as the organisms continue to work after use
  • They penetrate the biofilm unlike their traditional counterparts
  • Probiotics eat the organisms that bad bacteria need to grow. As the food supply for bad bacteria diminishes so do they!  

Enough reasons to use biological and responsible maintenance and disinfectant products.

View the videos on the possitive effects of probiotics.

The first picture shows filters that have been used for just 2 weeks. The dust, bacteria, germs and dust can be clearly seen. The second picture shows filters that have been treated with fáir probiotics after 6 weeks of use. The positive effect of the f’air probiotics is evident. Reason enough to use f’air  environmentally responsible maintenance and disinfectant products

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